We live in a society that encourages religious tolerance. What is believed by and large is that all roads lead to the same God. This has resulted in people worshiping God in his or her own way. People have even become reluctant to offend others, therefore compromising the truth. Not everything is okay, nor can everything be true. Jesus Christ makes enormous claims when He states He is the Savior of the world, the Messiah, God, Creator of all things, and the Sustainer. If Jesus Christ is who He claims to be, all other religions will have to take a backseat. We read in Matthew 28:18, that all authority is given to Jesus Christ, both in heaven and earth. If Jesus Christ has all authority then He is the Almighty, all-powerful God. This would mean that no one can be compared to Him. Seeing that this is true, how can other religious people believe what they want to believe? To believe in something other than the Lord Jesus Christ is to believe error, which is a tragedy not only now, but forever.